Japanese Cuties

Today I'm writing this blog post in English, because I want to say again "Thank you!" to Bob, who recently sent me a great surprise package full of Japanese cuties from a Zakka store. How cool is that?! I was really thrilled! By the way, this is part of a "gift swap": I promised Bob to sew a notebook bag for him (as soon as he bought his new notebook), and for that I received this awesome package! :)


I received his package a while ago, but unfortunately I had no camera - but now that my new cell phone is I have a new one (by the way, the quality of the photos is not good, but at least, it's something to start off...)


Ok, so here are the photos - and again: Bob, thank you so much for all the cute stuff!

Group photograph of all the Zakka gifts :)
Group photograph of all the Zakka gifts :)

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    Bob (Samstag, 05 September 2009 13:39)

    Hi, I'm Bob.

    Thank you for writing this article about my gift. :) There are many Zakka shop in Tokyo. If you have some more stuff, I will send you it. Because I like to choose such stuff. :)

    And, maybe I will buy new notebook next month. Please wait a moment !!! m(_ _)m

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