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Actually, if I'm not wearing my Rainbow Sweater, I LOOOVE wearing all shades of gray, black, navy, burgundy… yep, you get an idea. Rather simple than bright and colorful. A popular exception: Beanies, scarves and headbands. This "Tricolori" beanie is one of these colorful examples. Blue, salmon and yellow in one single piece of garment. Well, accessory. The color combination reminds me a bit of the colorful 70s, it's a bit quirky, but not too much. Could look nice with ski onesie, though :) And here comes the best: It's a super easy and quick knitting project aaand I've got the free tutorial for you. 


All you need

  • Three balls of this chunky creative twist yarn in yellow, salmon and azur – or a yarn with similar gauge
  • A set of double pointed needles, size 8mm (US size 11) 
  • One long and relaxed evening of your time – depending on how fast you knit, this beanie takes 4-6 hours
  • Optional, but awesome: a pompom maker

These three balls of yarn make three beanies (two in adult size as indicated in this tutorial, and there's still yarn left for a smaller, third beanie one or an adult-sized headband)


Patterns and Abbreviations



P = Purl

K = Knit

K2tog = Knit two together


Rib Stitch: K1 P1 throughout the entire round. The next round, you knit the knits and purl the purls

Basic Pattern: Knit all stitches in every round


Gauge Rib Stitch: 12M x 13R = 10 x 10cm // 3.9" x 3.9"

Gauge Basic Pattern: 9M x 13R = 10 x 10cm // 3.9" x 3.9"

Size (One size fits most): 45 cm circumference without stretching


knitting pattern beanie

  • First things first: Choice of colors! Which color do you want to have for the rib fold, the main part and the pompom of the beanie? I made two beanies, the first starts with salmon, followed by azur blue and topped with a yellow pompom. For the second beanie, I just switched salmon and blue
  • With your double pointed needles, cast on 40 stitches (10 per needle) in the color you'd like to use for the fold and join in the round
  • Knit in rib stitch for about 7cm // 2.7" – approximately 10 rounds
  • Now we switch to knitting in basic pattern – still in the first color for another 3 rounds. If you change the color already here, you'd see the color change later (and I prefer not to)
    • Knit the first of these three rounds as follows:
    • First needle: K4, K2tog, K4
    • Repeat with needles 2-4
    • At the end of this round, you have 9 stitches left on each needle – 36 stitches overall
    • The second and third round: Simply knit all stitches
  • Now switch to your second color and continue knitting in basic pattern until your work measures 29cm // 11.4" in length. 
  • First decrease round on the top of the beanie:
    • First needle: K2, K2tog, K2, K2tog, K1
    • Repeat with needles 2-4
    • At the end of the decrease round, you have 7 stitches left on each needle 
  • Continue in basic pattern for two rounds
  • Second decrease round:
    • First needle: K1, K2tog, K1, K2tog, K1
    • Repeat on needles 2-4
    • At the end of the 2nd decrease round, you have 5 stitches left on each needle
  • Knit one round in basic pattern
  • Third decrease round:
    • First needle: K2tog, K1, K2tog
    • Repeat for needles 2-4
  • Cut the yarn, leaving an app. 25cm // 10" tail and, using a darning needle, carefully pull the thread through the remaining stitches on the needles
  • Then remove the needles and pull tight so that the hole at the top of the beanie disappears
  • Pull the thread inside and sew it up


Pompom and finish!

  • Make a pompom. If you've never made one and don't have a pompom maker, no worries – here's a nice tutorial!
  • Leave app. a 20cm thread tail and sew the pompom to the top of the beanie.
  • Ta-daaaa! Here's your brand new tricolori beanie! 

I'm already thinking about new color combinations and looking forward to making more of these bright and cute beanies! Or maybe also a white-grey-black version? Hmmmm… Which would be your favorite color choice? 


Hope you guys have fun making your own version! :)


Hi there, Big Bird!
Hi there, Big Bird!

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